October 2004

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Rs. 3 crores for works in drought hit areas

October 1, 2004

District Collector N Nageswara Rao asked the district administration to allocate works worth Rs. 3 Crores in the six drought hit areas. He discussed at length about the works that can be taken in the areas and said that each of the mandals can be allocated works worth Rs. 50 lakhs. Workers will get 75% in cash and the remaining 25% in rice.

Heavy rains sweeps Srikakulam and surrounding areas

October 4, 2004

With drought in many areas till recently and cyclones and flood starting now, the face of Srikakulam has changed dramatically in the last week. Speaking with the Press at R & B Guest House in Tekkali, District Collector N Nageswara Rao said that the District Administration has been alerted and is ready to fight any devastation situation that may rise. He said that over 50 waterbeds and 15 regular irrigation beds have over flown. He said that food packets were being delivered at some places where people are struck up with water in all sides.

He said that the rains will continue for the next few days as per reports from Regional Cyclone Warning center.

450 villagers evacuated

October 5, 2004

Following two breaches to the Mandanagopalsagar, a big tank in Nandigam mandal, leading to encirclement of Uyyalapeta village with water, nearly 450 villagers were evacuated with the help of boats and rehabilitated in the Upper Primary school in Sithanagaram. Relief camps in other places in Tekkali continued for the second day according to the District Collector N.Nageswararao who visited all the affected areas.

Nearly fifty thousand acres had been inundated and the damage could be assessed only after water is receded. 65 tanks of Vamsadhara system had also been damaged. According to the officials, the Right Main can of Vamsadhara project had suffered breaches at as many as 20 places. The Left Main canal had also suffered breaches at several places. More than 50 tanks were damaged and the estimated loss is put to Rs.1.70 crores.

MLA flags Pulse Polio drive in Narasannapeta

October 9, 2004

Narasannapeta MLA Dharmana Krishna Das flagged the rally on the Pulse Polio programme in the region. MPP P Sarada, MRO A Subba Raju, Mandal Congress President Putta Krishna Murthy, Lions Club President T Giridhar and others were present. The rally began from the Degree College and passed through the Narasannapeta town.

Sudarshan Counter in Srikakulam

October 11, 2004

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) is proposing installation of Sudarshan Counter in 110 Municipal Centers in Andhra Pradesh. This is stated by the TTD Board Member Nageswara Rao who visited Srikakulam to inaugurate a Sudarshan Counter in Srikakulam town.

The Srikakulam reservation counter for taking the darshan of Lord Sri Venkateswara in Tirumala has a booking capacity of 200 tickets. Reservations as early as 60 days can be taken at the counter.

Rao said that TTD is running over 32 counters in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Rice Mill Owner gets heft bill for power theft

October 13, 2004

The owner of a rice mill in Lakkamdiddi village of Kotabommali - Pydi Chiranjeevulu was arrested by the AP - Transco's Vigilance and Anti-Power Theft Squad (APTS) that raided his rice mill and came to know of stealing power. It is estimated that Chiranjeevulu had used the AP Transco's power to the extent of Rs 3.58 lakh. He is also imposed a fine of Rs 30,000.

APTS has recently been aggressive and has been conducting raids. Its Circle Inspector D Nageswara Rao says that 8 people were arrested in the past two days on charges of power theft - both for commercial and domestic purposes in various places of the district.

Subsidized seed for farmers

October 15, 2004

The Joint Collector, BMD. Ekka in a press release on Friday said that seed on subsidy would be supplied to farmers for the second crop in the drought affected mandals. Six mandals in the district had been declared drought affected and crop damaged on an estimated 7099 hectares in five mandals. An extent of 2360 hectares was found to be suitable for second crop and the Seed Development Corporation has supplied 878 quintals of seed to Srikakulam District.

Ex-MLA Rajaratnam passed away

October 26, 2004

K Rajaratnam, former MLA of Palakonda constituency in Srikakulam district died in Hyderabad after a massive heart attack He was elected to the Assembly in 1978 on the Janata Party ticket and later joined the Congress. The Government is arranging an ambulance to take the body to his native place.


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