June 2004

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New power lines to Sompeta


Sompeta area is getting new power lines - said AP Transco DE V Krishna. The presently running power lines that drive electricity to Sompeta were over 5 decades old and the newly proposed lines will drive power from 133 KV Substation from Itchapuram. The cost of the works is at around Rs. 11.7 Crores.

Once the new lines are laid, the power interruptions will come to a low. At present only 3 lines are drawing power from Palasa-Itchapuram spreading at a distance of 67 kilometers.

Srikakulam is venue for State Athletics Academy selections

June 13, 2004

Srikakulam has become the host for the selections of State-level Athletics Academy. The selections will begin on 14th June 2004 from 9 AM at the famous Kodriramamurhty Stadium in the city. Athletes from all parts of the state have already come to the city. Athletes aged between 14 to 20 are eligible for the admission. Selection Coaches and SAAP delegates have already come to Srikakulam.

Show-cause notices to Secretaries not located in their regions


Mandal Revenue Officer D Subbaraju said that show-cause notices were served to Secretaries who are not located in the prime locations of their region. He made a visit from Komarthi village to Chodavaram village to see the rain hit villages in the region but was surprised at least one village secretary accompanying him.

Iodine deficiency in Srikakulam

June 17, 2004

The quantity of the iodine intake for human beings to avoid ill-effects of its deficiency, the magnitude of the problem and iodized salt available in the market offer interesting statistics. According to a document of the Salt Department of the Union Government brought out in January 1994, "an average lifetime requirement for an individual would add up to less than a teaspoonful of iodine."

The document notes that the most common and visible ill effect is goite. Iodine deficiency include impaired mental function, poor intellectual performance, lowered IQ, muscular disorders and impaired coordination and slugginess.the president of Naupada Salt Minor lessees’ Association says that no State in India is free from Iodine deficiency syndrome.

Jagannadha Ratha Yatra at Jayapuram ends

June 28, 2004

The Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannadha Swamy at Jayapuram ended on Monday. The Yatra at Jayapuram has a special significance. Generally the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannadha Swamy in any other parts of the world will be held for 9 days only but the yatra at Jayapuram will be held for 10 days. Jaatara (or local festival) will be held for 2 days instead of 1 day.

Korasavada school upgraded to Upper Primary School

June 30, 2004

District Educational Officer Sri Dharama Raju announced that the Korasavada 'A' Primary School situated in Paatapatnam was upgraded to Upper Primary School. Students studying currently in their Vth standard can continued their education in the VIIth Standard in the same school.


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