February 2005

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Bar Coded coupons for Ration card holders

February 19, 2005

If you are thinking that the remote mandals of a not so popular region of Palakonda located in Srikakulam district is generations behind in terms of technology, you may be wrong. The Mandal Revenue Office at Palakonda is on its move to implement a bar-coded coupon distribution system for all White color Ration card holders in the 33 Panchayats and 56 Depots that come under its perview.

The Mandal Revenue Officer Kodanda Lokeshwara Rao said that all arrangements for the generation and distribution of the bar-coded coupons were completed and that the office personnel will start distributing the coupons for the eligible between February 21 and 27. He said that the coupons will be given only to the card holder.

Srikakulam dissatisfied at meager allocations in Railway Budget

February 26, 2005

With near of Rs. 100 Crores required for the Gauge change over works in the Tekkali – Naupada segment, the allocation of just Rs. 15 Crores in the Railway Budget has dissatisfied the locale of Srikakulam. Many are now doubting if the project work will go forward. It may be recalled that the conversion work has already started. But with the meager funds from this year’s budget, the work may end up half-done.

However, the extension of the Hirakund Express till Visakhapatnam is happy news.


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