Boddepalli Satyavati

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Boddepalli Satyavati is a politician of the Congress party. She is a MLA representing Amudalavalasa constituency.

In September 2011, Satyavati threatened to quit the Congress party and opposed the dissolution of Ponduru Market Committee.

Satyavati was born on September 3, 1952. She is married to Chittibabu. The couple has a son - Ramesh and two daughters - Rajani and Vidya Mandakini. Satyavati's son Ramesh is the current Municipal Chairman. Satyavati entered politics in 1995. She was elected the Amudalavalasa Municipal Chairman in 1995 and continued till 2004. She lost the assembly election in 1999 and has won the Amudalavalasa constituency election in 2004. She was re-elected to the Legislative Assembly since then.


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