April 2004

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Rajasekhara Reddy tours in Srikakulam

April 12, 2004

Former Congress Legislative Party Leader Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy campaigned in Raajam and asked the people to vote for Congress. He said that the party will bring back the light that was there during the rule of Indira Gandhi. He earlier toured Balijipeta in Vizianagaram and then entered into Srikakulam from Regidi Mandal. He was welcomed by former MLA Rukminamma at Unukooru.

Parvathipuram Congress MP candidate Kishore Ravichandradev, Unukuru Assembly candidate Raajasekharam were along with Dr. Reddy. The campaign stopped and talked with gatherings at Boorada, Chinaserlam, Ungarada, Vangara mandals and Arasada junction.

Thousands of supporters and people were seen on either sides of the road during the tour.

All arrangements set for CM meet

With Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu expected to tour Srikakulam and address at the Chilakapalem Meeting, Speaker and candidate from Etcherla - Mrs Prathiba Bharathi checked the arrangements that are on way for the meeting.

MPP rallies for MLA candidate in Sompeta

April 12, 2004
Sompeta, Srikakulam

Local MPP Gauthu Vijaya Lakshmi campaigned in Mamidipalle mandal of Somepeta. It may be recalled that Gauthu Shyamsundar was standing as TDP candidate from Sompeta.

Chief Minister tours in Srikakulam

April 13, 2004

Chief Minister Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu has rallied in Srikakulam and spoke at a meeting in Chilakapalem. He said that giving free power to the farmers is not possible even when the Central Government gives funds to the state. He said that the Congress Government cannot rule the state and that the TDP Government has given Rs. 20 Lakh Crores of discount in electricity bills.

Congress gets 10 seats from the district - says YSR

April 13, 2004 CLP Leader Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy said that the Congress will get 10 seats with full majority from the district. He said that the party will get 220-225 seats in Assembly with the help of allies.

Elections in Srikakulam held peacefully

April 20, 2004

Elections in Srikakulam were held peacefully and without any violence in almost all areas. Palasa, Sompeta and Rajam saw many enthusiastic voters coming forward to cast their votes.

Srikakulam town reported 65% voting primarily because names of the voters were not found. Voters who have Voter Id Cards but whose names are not there in the list were not allowed to vote. 65% voting was reported in Harischandrapuram. Voting process was delayed in Palkonda under Parvathipuram Lok Sabha Constituency by 2 hours as the electronic voting machine did not function properly.

13 thousand candidates to appear for DICETCET from Srikakulam

April 23, 2004

The number of applications sold for the DIETCET were going on a smooth sail. As many as 13 thousand students are writing DICETCET this year from Srikakulam in over 61 centers. The examination is scheduled to be held on 21 st May 2004 between 10:30 AM to 12:30 Noon.

Prathiba Barathi will win with a 20,000 votes majority

April 24, 2004

DCMS Chairman D Satyendravarma said that Pratiba Barathi will win from the region with a majority of 20,000 votes. He said that women voters are more in number than those of men and that almost all women voters would have voted for Prathiba Barathi. Students of the St. Paul English Academy displayed various cultural programs at the local Exhibition Kala Vedika.

Naxals kills independent candidate from Gunupur

April 25, 2004

Naxals belonging to the People's War Group killed an Independent candidate from Gunupur constituency of Rayagada - Dukku Majji and his brother Pramod Kumar Majji and Gunupur Surpanch Lunduka Majji while they are on their way to Killundi. They canvassing against the PWG was believed to the reason for the PWG taking this decision.

With heavy rains falling in the region, a school shed that was the facility for 43 children studying upto 4th standard at Kaviti fell down. The school was run in a shed that was constructed by the locale after the Government did not respond asking for the construction of a permanent building.

Palakonda reports record level house tax collections

April 26, 2004

20 of the 32 panchayats located under Palakonda recorded collection of 100% house taxes. Palakonda major pamchayat received a collection of 81%. In monitory terms, the amount is at Rs. 7,50,000

Swathi’s death is a suicide – reveals enquiry

April 26, 2004 An enquiry made by Magistrate Real revealed that Swathi – a student studying 9th standard in AP Gurukul Girls School is a suicide as she consumed medicines in excess limits.

JV Somayajulu is no more

April 27, 2004

Popular film artist and dramatist Jonnalagadda Venkata Somayajulu or JV Somayajulu as he is called by every one died in Care Hospitals in Hyderabad at 5 PM. He is 76 and is survived with a wife, two sons and a daughter. Somayajulu was popular on the silver screen with his movie 'Shankarabharanam' and the song 'Dorakunaa.. Ituvante seevaa..".

Somayaulu was born in Lukalam agrahaaram in Srikakulam district. His career as a dramatist began with the drama Kanyasulkam. He staged over 500 dramas since then. The death of Somayajulu has put the entire telugu film lovers into sorrow. Tekkali RTO said that show cause notices were sent to people who were illegally digging mountains for stone in the Julumuru hill ranges in Srikakulam.

Itchapuram check post earns Rs. 11 Crores Revenue

April 28, 2004

The Itchapuram checkpost located in Srikakulam district won the distinction of being at the top in the list of most revenue generating check posts in the country. Itchapuram earned a revenue of Rs. 11 Crores during the year. Last year it recorded an earning of Rs. 8.69 crores.

Factory Looted

April 28, 2004

NKP Iron Factory located at G Sigadam Mandal in Srikakulam was looked and items worth Rs. 7 ½ lakhs were found missing. The decoit mission was undertaken by a 20-member gang who looted from the factory that was closed over 2 years now.

Chakradhar Cricket Competitions from May 2

April 28, 2004

The Chakradhar Cricket Competitions will be held from May 2. Submission of entries is to be done before April 30.


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